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Oleg Vlasenko, a serial entrepreneur who does a lot of travelling, both for pleasure and business, founded HURU in 2016. When Oleg travels, he always carries a utilitarian backpack.

But no backpack really filled all his needs, and he knew others who felt the same way. So, two years ago, he gathered a team of like-minded people, who had more than 20 years of experience in garment manufacturing and fashion design.

Together, they worked tirelessly on the HURU prototype, and they finally made it: the perfect backpack. HURU launched on Kickstarter in September 2017, and the company raised 3.5 times more than its initial goal.

HURU’s design has lots of details that real travelers and backpackers can appreciate. In addition to its endless compartments, it has an expansion mode from 24 to 40 liters.

Having received positive feedback from clients and influencers, the HURU team has now designed a logical 2.0 version of the HURU backpack.

The HURU H2 model, made of the highest quality materials, is a new backpack for city and short-term travelling or for the office and the outdoors.

Even with all these features, the HURU H2 model is very light, but still very durable and sturdy. It’s a perfect unisex backpack with a variety of colors.

HURU backpack is happily used by people all over the world, and the number of countries we send it to continues to grow every day!


Oleg Vlasenko

Kirill Kulik

Vitalii Bychenok

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