HURU Model H1 Backpack  Expandable Waterproof, 40l
HURU Model H1 Backpack  Expandable Waterproof, 40l
HURU Model H1 Backpack  Expandable Waterproof, 40l
HURU Model H1 Backpack  Expandable Waterproof, 40l
HURU Model H1 Backpack  Expandable Waterproof, 40l
HURU Model H1 Backpack  Expandable Waterproof, 40l

HURU Model H1 Backpack Expandable Waterproof, 40l

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If you are passionate about your work, with a mad rhythm of life, a bunch of meetings, changing locations and activities, sports, travel-loving man or girl, the HURU backpack will become an indispensable assistant in your exciting life!

You can safely present the HURU backpack to your friend, because he knows how to pleasantly surprise and be useful.

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All products shown on the website are in stock. Customer will be notified ASAP if there is any delay in getting an order shipped.

HURU backpacks have a LIFETIME Warranty!

If any of our products ever fail as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, we’ll repair or replace them with a like item free of charge and ship it back to you.

If you have a warranty claim, simply send us an email with the serial number of your backpack, few photos and a description of the problem to

We’ll get back to you within a 2-3 business days with instructions on how to ship the product back to us.

▩    13,6’’ / 35 cm width;
▩    20,6’’ / 53 cm height;
▩    4,29 lbs / 1.95 kg weight (without fanny pack and chest buckle)
▩    24-liter capacity, expandable to 40 liters

▩ Laptop pocket - Holds up to 16" laptop
▩    Rain hood
▩    Heat insulating compartment
▩    Roll-up compartment for oversized items
▩    Optionally detachable waist bag


No more wasting time checking in your luggage and waiting for it after your flight.

HURU  fits perfectly into airplane overhead compartments, so your belongings are always with you during your flight.

13,6’’ / 35 cm width;
20,6’’ / 53 cm height;
4,29 lbs / 1.95 kg weight (without fanny pack and chest buckle).


HURU is made of CORDURA fabric — durable, versatile, reliable, water-repellent, trusted by the US Army.

Custom-designed buckles, made from anodized aluminium and brass.

Japanese YKK zippers, produced in Germany, known for high quality and water resistance.

Stainless steel stoppers and hooks make HURU look neat and tidy.

Durable nylon straps complete the materials list.


We worked with orthopaedists to create a backpack that is lightweight and is as easy on the spine and body as we could make it.

HURU backpack opens like a suitcase, which makes organizing your belongings in the backpack very easy.


Caught in the rain? Just take the water-resistant hood out of HURU’s special compartment and put it over your head. Poor weather conditions won’t hamper your travels anymore.


Just put on a chest support to ease your burden when you are carrying something heavy, or take the support off when you dont’t need it, so that the straps don’t get in the way.


The sewn inside organizer can be used for toiletries, or for items such as cables, chargers and small things. Keep your stuff organized!


360° view


Our own design, made from anodized aluminium and brass,  
with aesthetics, functionality, and YOU in mind.


HURU is made of CORDURA fabric —
durable, versatile, reliable, water-repellent material.


HURU has military-grade thread that expands or contracts depending on the level
of humidity. Double stitched in key places for durability


Japanese YKK zippers, produced in Germany, are known for high quality
and water resistance. They will never fail you.


Our stainless steel stoppers and hooks make the backpack look neat and tidy. Rest assured that
once you've found the perfect length for your straps, they won't slip out of place, and they won’t dangle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Oleksandr K-H
Compact, modular and tech

I am kind of crazy about bags. Finally, I found a transformer I do enjoy.

The Fanny pack is freakin awesome. It has a huge space but also looks compact.
I like the Fanny pack's ability to attach to the main bag, perfect for travelling (Hope I will travel someday).

The extendable feature is convenient and allows you to pack a lot of things while keeping the bag fresh and clean.
Rain protection is the most efficient of any bags I ever used. That is a must-have for rainy cities like Lviv.
Also bought a couple of tote bags, they are super light and strong, perfect for unexpected grocery shopping.

I do love the quality, it feels like in every product they tried to max it.

The only MINUS is Chest Buckle integration with side pockets. The Chest Buckle is also a must-have, much easier to wear a fully packed backpack. However, it partially blocks side pockets and I usually find it hard to access them (especially if you have long keys there, pain)

Ukraine shipping was a bit weird as it seems to be aimed more for world shipping. Nevertheless, I contacted support and they shipped me products by Nova Poshta.

Борис Альперович
Super service!

Professional consultants, excellent service, quality backpack! As a result - positive emotions, which I am happy to share with you, thank you!

Nic O.
Functional, High-quality Daily Commuter and Travel backpack

I really love this backpack. It is designed very thoughtfully which makes it very functional for daily use and travel purposes. The expandable part of the bag is amazing: I'll normally fill my bag in the slim format which fits everything I need for work and the gym at once, and I can expand it to have room for buying food on the way home from work. The rolltop option has proven to be useful a few times for tall items, and I even just use it to store an extra canvas totebag which I only need occasionally. The laptop pouch is great, secure, and safe, and very easily fits my 13" laptop in its laptop case. The interior small storage pockets have proven to be super helpful in organizing small things that I don't need every day. The large Huru buckle and strap on the front have even come in handy in carrying loose jackets or other bulky items.

I live in a very wet and rainy area of western Canada and I often bike in the rain, so the material has demonstrated to be waterproof but the zipper let a few very small drops of water through. But this doesn't worry me because there are various ways to prevent it, such as by moving the Huru buckle and using the roll-top option over the top of the bag, and the hidden waterproof rain-hood.
The interior water-bottle pocket is not my favourite feature, both because it is smaller than I'd like, and also it's difficult to fit something in while the backpack is full, but I've learned to adjust to make it work. I use that storage for other important items that I need to access regularly (glasses case), and because the bag is so versatile, I've found other and new ways to store my oversized waterbottle.

I've owned Chrome brand backpacks and worked in shops that sold backpacks in the past. This bag his high-quality, very functional, and useful for me for both daily commuting and long travel trips. It's a bag that I'll use and love for a decade. I couldn't recommend highly enough.

Versatile and Slim: The Perfect Backpack for Organizers and Travelers

I recently purchased this backpack and it has quickly become my go-to for both daily use and travel. This backpack is its sleek, slim design. Despite its compact appearance, it offers an impressive level of organization with multiple pockets and compartments that make it easy to keep all your essentials in place.

I really enjoy that you can expend the backpack whenever you need a bit more room, whether for travel or extra items for daily activities.

Overall, I highly recommend this backpack for anyone looking for a versatile, well-organized, and stylish option that doesn't compromise on space when you need it most.

Valerii Bondarenko
Great backpack overall

Regarding "holds up to 16'' laptop": it fits, but it's a really tight fit.
I can't complain about anything else, because it's a well designed backpack. It feels both tough and comfortable.
Recently it has fallen flat on the spine (with laptop inside, laptop side down) and laptop didn't have any damage.
Would probably benefit from some documents/passport partition or secret pocket (because I didn't find one), but it's already perfect as it is.

Faramarz Wankadia
Deserve freedom

Can’t thank you guys enough for making this dream a possibility.You Guys have honestly done a brilliant job keeping in mind both Design and functionality. Hurray to HURU.