HURU opened its first corner in Kooperativ, Kyiv.

HURU opened its first corner on the 4th floor of Kooperativ in Kyiv.

Here you can get acquainted with different models of backpacks (all 4 of them are represented), as well as consider all details and fittings made of stainless steel and brass. We provide a lifetime warranty on the backpack as we are fully confident in the quality of all selected materials.

The base of the products – Cordura – is a solid fabric produced in Germany, which is also used by the United States Army, top coated with fluorocarbon, bottom – 2 layers of acrylic. The locks are also waterproof in case of rain.

The backpack is a long-term purchase, and we know that better than anyone! Therefore for Kooperativ residents, we also provide a test-drive option in addition to discount. Anyone can take a backpack for a few days to test it in practice.

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