Interview with Oleksandr Kislun, CEO in One Life

Do you have your favourite place on Earth where you always want to come back to?

Yes, there are several places like this, but my favourite is The Himalia’s, Nepal. I’ve been there 12 times already.


What are the lessons that travel gave you?

1. Always keep your phone charged
2. Be open for the new journey
3. Don’t make any expectations before your trip. Then you’ll have the most bright, and clear impressions.
4. Always keep your passport and documents in electronic copy

Would you like to join Mask expedition to Mars?

Of course! I believe that in 50 years it will be the same as a trip to the North Pole – very expensive but still possible.

How do you define the word “home” for yourself?

Home – is a place of power. I’ve started to feel at home after I’ve built it myself from construction projects to tiny little things. When you travel a lot you have to charge your inner batteries in different places, where you feel absolutely fine. But after a month spent on paradise island you always feel like getting home, where smell like home and the familiar view from the window awakes the desire to meet the sunset with a glass of prosecco.



What are the main 3 things you always carry with you in your backpack?

My laptop, a charger for the phone and my notebook.

What are the most important details backpack should have?

The most important thing for me is ergonomics. A backpack should have a lot of different compartments to have everything at hand. Among them must be one super convenient to put in 95% of all trifles (keys, handles, headphones, etc). The side compartment for the laptop is important as well. If I also can put a camera inside – this backpack’s almost perfect.

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