Vasily Grogol about his plans to travel, new project and 3 things he always carries with him

Your latest trip was in Tanzania. What did you like the most about this country? Would you advice to go there?

I have not been to Tanzania mainland, just to Zanzibar and I would absolutely recommend this little island. Beautiful views and ocean. There’s not much infrastructure, so you just relax in your overwater bungalow and enjoy eating fish, fresh fruit and vegetables every day. This agenda helps you to switch off your brain. There are kitesurfing spots if you are into it. Most of the time with my girlfriend Kris, we spent on the East Coast of Zanzibar, then we moved to the West Coast, which is calmer. The East coast is windy thanks to the Indian Ocean.

How often do you travel Ukraine? Do you plan to make new Bursa project in other cities?

I try to travel Ukraine as much as I can. I do love this beautiful country and I think Ukraine is still undiscovered land with a lot of potentials. We also want to open new Bursas in all huge Ukrainian cities as: Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv. And after that, we plan to open Bursa Cabins outside these cities as well.

How often do you travel with backpack?

Basically, I don’t even feel comfortable walking outside the apartment without a backpack, so I carry it with me all the time. It’s already an essential part of my life! I have everything I need inside and I’m prepared to go anywhere anytime. Of course, my daily backpack is smaller than a travel one, but still a backpack.

What are the main 3 things you always carry with you?
  1. Laptop. Always with me. Also, iPad, because it’s more convenient for drawing, making plans and diagrams.
  2. Laser ruler. I like to measure premises like rooms and buildings, it is super helpful. Especially now when we are actively building and expanding our premises, I prefer to understand the dimensions of the places if I like them.
  3. My notebook. For quick sketch or idea.

What are the most important details backpack should have?

First of all, front straps. You can fasten them either you are in a subway, or in a hurry. They make you feel safe about your belongings, the closer – the better…the fronts straps are literally amazing! I’m telling you! And I think, any backpack should have many compartments for different things. For sure one outside pocket for daily essentials, little pockets for pens, and of course a pocket for a notebook.

Where do you dream to travel this year?

This year I dream to travel Japan with my girlfriend Kris. I hope we are going to make it, but the borders are still closed. The new project we are working on called Bursa Cabins and it is linked to the Japanese culture. Due to that we would love to travel ourselves there to make our project as authentic as possible.


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