Vlad Nozdrachev about his favourite country to travel

Vlad Nozdrachev

Entrepreneur, marketer. Co-founder of Superludi and Unit school of business.

Investor in SUDO Ai Simulation, Drommel and Nextedo.

For 10 years he has launched and relaunched 50+ brands. Have received 2 RedDot Winner Awards for UKRNAFTA branding and Klitschko Foundation, Gold Winner Epica Award 2019 for Crate Club branding.

Host of YouTube channel about entrepreneurship, startups and underdog brands. He is the author of the podcast, which is included in the TOP-3 in “Business” and “Entrepreneurship” categories in Ukraine.

What question do people ask you the most?

How tall are you? (198 cm)

What is the most important thing about the present-day education?

To understand why you need it and get a thrill out of it: achieving a goal or finding a goal is equally suitable.

How to cope with burnout? What would you advise?

Is it when you don’t feel that well? If so, then stop. Exhale and turn the situation around: people or the place where you live or work, and for the first time do what you’ve been putting off for so long. To have a tattoo done, for example. Or buy a motorcycle, or take care of your saggy butt.

How often do you travel and what place have you enjoyed the most so far?

Italy is my country because of pasta, because of Como and Florence, because of Italians and their insanely beautiful scandals

What 3 items are always in your backpack?

My MacBook, a leica camera, and a book.

Please, don’t steal from me (laughs) 🙂


What are the main features of a travel backpack for you?

To accommodate life for 3 days, not to be uncomfortable, stay dry, and blend in.

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