Slava Balbek(Balbekus) is a CEO of Balbek bureau, founder of Proprofurniture, owner of Dyletant cafe. Moreover he is a Bosphorus swimmer, 5x – 1/2 Ironman and Ironman 11:11.

Please tell about your new restaurant project. What will it be?

This will be my second cafe project. It is larger and more challenging technically than Dyletant. But it is still a coffee shop, not a restaurant. A cafe on the block, as we call this concept.

What is the most difficult thing in the restaurant business in Ukraine?

To stick to priorities. Sooner or later, everything comes down to money, and no matter how much you romanticize this sector, if you have 50 employees and cash flow gaps, debts and so on, then dreaming and having your head in the clouds while having complex concepts somehow feels not quite comfortable. Also, it’s a toss-up: the same project in the same location with a difference of several years can be a success or a failure.


What was your favourite country to visit?

Actually, I feel comfortable and good everywhere. Every time in a new place, you can find something exciting, new and motivating.

You bought yourself a HURU backpack a long time ago. What made you like it?

It’s been a while. I like it when Ukrainian workshops make high-quality products that are beautiful. I enjoy certain features in backpacks, and most of the time I buy only those that have them. And here, it was a perfect match.

What 3 items are always in your backpack?

My laptop, iPad and passport.