Interview with Orysya Yezerska

Interview with Orysya Yezerska

Orysya is a well-known dentist from Lviv and and she is also a big HURU fan.


You have a serious profession. You are a doctor and constantly improving your skills. Now tell us how do you relax? What are your hobbies?

I like a mix of leisure activities. Everything depends on the time and the situation. We often go to the mountains or just walk around the city. Lviv is a very beautiful city. It is a cultural capital. There are often some interesting festivals and events.

I like spending time in a big company with more than 10 people. We all get together and go to the Carpathian Mountains.

 If you were offered to choose another job, what would it be and why?

Let me think. Probably I would be an event-manager. I like business meetings,  communication, people around me. I like to come up with ideas for events. I like bringing people together on the same platform.

How often do you travel? Tell us about the most memorable journey of your life?

Quite often. I combine leisure time and work. When I go to another city or country for work, I usually choose 2 or 3 places to visit. Something like a “must-see list”.

The most unforgettable memory is my trip to Majorca. There were a big company of 13 people. That’s when I met my husband.

Mountains or the sea?

The sea!

Where do you dream to go and why?

My son is 4 and we usually go to Egypt on May holidays. In summer we travel to Turkey and in winter to Radisson Blue in Bukovel.

But Matthew will grow up soon and we will go together to Mexico, Zimbabwe, China and Chile. I am dreaming about going there!

What are the most important criteria for you while choosing a backpack?

 It must be red, small and good-looking. But the most important thing is convenience. 

What are 5 things that are always in your backpack?

My red lipstick, perfume, phone, laptop and wallet.

What are 5 things you always take with you on any journey? 

It is my phone, swimsuit, laptop, travel pillow and cash.