Ivan Danishevsky about Ukraine's place in esports world, the best airplane seat configurations and AI technologies in backpacks

Ivan Danishevsky about Ukraine's place in esports world, the best airplane seat configurations and AI technologies in backpacks

Ivan "Faeton" Danishevsky is a renowned entrepreneur, IT engineer, and public figure with a proven track record of success in the tech and esports industries. As the founder of ESM.one holding, he has led the development of several groundbreaking projects, including Esports Charts and Streams Charts, which have become valuable resources for the esports community worldwide.

In business, I'm currently focused on long-term global development for myself, my peers, and people in general. I'm transitioning all my ventures from "for profit" to "for benefit" and will soon launch a comprehensive description of this new direction at genplan.com. To achieve these ambitious goals, I'm constantly seeking allies, colleagues, resources, and time. I hope interviews like this will help me find them!

What place Ukraine takes in the world of eSports? How do you feel about your personal influence on this?

Ukraine has long aimed to become the capital of esports, and there have been many opportunities for this to happen. If we could have combined these opportunities with state interest and ample resources, it would have been a certainty. However, the war has delayed progress for years. Now, I'm focused on helping my country while sharing our expertise around the world, drawing attention to startups, and making cybersports, information technology, data, and knowledge better. Eventually, we hope to bring all these improvements back home.

How many countries have you visited? What is the most attractive thing about traveling?

I've visited over 70 countries, mostly for work. I rarely travel for leisure, as my commitments have confined me within the walls of the business world. Nonetheless, I believe that life and travel experiences should be well-shared, and I hope to revisit these places when the opportunity arises. For now, my schedule is packed with work, speeches, exhibitions, and negotiations, leaving little room for tourism and leisurely walks.

Are you a person who keeps your whole life in one suitcase or vice versa?

My life has revolved around living out of a suitcase for the past 5-6 years. I spend more time in hotels than anywhere else, embracing a nomadic lifestyle. Hotel breakfasts have become the norm, and I've mastered the art of traveling for months with just one backpack. I'm fascinated by process optimization and have experimented with hundreds of bags and backpacks to find the most comfortable one. My current favorites are the HURU H2 and the Solgaard carry-on suitcase.

3 things that you always take with you

The essentials I carry with me include my computer, phones, passport, and multiple power banks. I also bring a portable monitor for gaming, a leather mouse and mat, various cables, and even a Wi-Fi repeater to ensure internet access everywhere.

Are you a practical person? What criteria are important in choosing a backpack?

In choosing my backpack, I prioritize comfort, durability, and versatility. It must be able to withstand various conditions, keep my belongings safe, and be easily accessible. One aspect I feel could improve my current favorite, the Huru H2, is the addition of light fabric on the interior. This would make it easier to locate items, especially smaller items like flash drives and gadgets. I'm a big fan of secret pockets and well-organized main compartments. Overall, the HURU H2 is genuinely the best backpack I've come across!

By car or by plane?

Honestly, I'm not a fan of flying and even fear it to some extent. However, I dislike online meetings or conducting business with people I've never met in person even more, so I often have to fly. I also travel a lot by car within Europe, having driven long distances like London-Krakow in an electric vehicle. The journey is an adventure involving tunnels and ferries, and I eagerly embrace it to avoid flying. Despite my apprehensions, I've had my fair share of flights, sometimes over 300 a year. I've become well-versed in choosing tickets, knowing the best airplane seat configurations, and capturing stunning timelapses from the window (check them out on my Instagram highlights @faeton).

A backpack interacting with AI technologies - a fantasy or future?

On the topic of AI and backpacks, imagine a backpack equipped with AI that optimizes packing, alerts you about forgotten items, or even suggests the perfect travel itinerary. While this may seem far-fetched now, it's an exciting prospect for the future. And as a joke, if AI were to be carried around by everyone, we'd need a lot of batteries — perhaps an entire backpack's worth!