Interview with Inna Popereshniuk, co-owner Nova Poshta, about her daily routine and lifestyle

Interview with Inna Popereshniuk, co-owner Nova Poshta, about her daily routine and lifestyle

How does your day go? What are your daily rituals?

My life is always active. Every day, I wake up at 7 in the morning. At this time, my body and mind awaken. Only when I'm going on a business trip do I wake up earlier.

Then, like all women, I have a cool beauty routine. I have a Kuznetsov applicator, which I highly recommend to everyone. I lie on it and read the news for another 15 minutes. It relaxes and energizes me very nicely. 

After that, I feed my pets and walk my dogs. I have 3 cats and two dogs.

In the evening, I have a workout. I also run almost every day. When I skip running, I go to the gym because I can't do without physical activity. It invigorates me, puts me in a good mood, and helps me be even more active after work.

After training, I spend time with my family and in my garden. I've had a garden for 4 years now, and spend about an hour a day on it; it's like meditation for me. On weekends, I can spend half a day there. For example, yesterday I built a greenhouse for my peppers.

What is the secret to balancing work and leisure?

Firstly, it's planning. I plan everything very well; it's like my thing. And secondly, I do everything with pleasure. I love solving tasks. When there's a problem, I solve it very quickly. I enjoy seeing the result of my work, my actions, or the tasks I set.

And I find pleasure in all projects: running, I adore it. I run marathons and organize them. I love Ukrainian cuisine and aesthetic restaurants. I have 4 Ukrainian cuisine restaurants. They are beautiful and incredible. I adore Poltava culture. I want everyone to know about it. I want every home to have an Opishnya jug. I really like gardening. Once I managed to grow tomatoes - now every year I wait for the season to grow my tomatoes. They are very tasty, and I enjoy it when I have a lot of them.

Where do you feel the most comfortable?

For me, Poltava gives me such feelings. It's my city, I live here, my office is here, my home is here. I don't feel anywhere else like I do at home. 

How much time do you spend on the road?

A lot. For example, in April, I went on two business trips to Poland and twice to Lviv. Considering that it now takes me 2 days to travel to Warsaw on a business trip (I spend a day traveling to Lviv, then from Lviv to Warsaw - that's 2 days), it turns out to be only 4 days on the road (there and back).

I returned from Warsaw last week on Tuesday, and tomorrow I'm already going back to Lviv. I return from Lviv, spend 3 days at home, and then I have to go on 2 more business trips to Kyiv for my establishments.

Can you name 3 things that you always carry in your bag?

It's my wallet, a first aid kit, and a cosmetic bag. I don't carry my running gear with me; it's always available - in the office, at home, and in the car.

Can you fit all of your stuff into one suitcase, or vice versa ? 

I think it's my flaw, but I never understood how girls can use small handbags; nothing ever fits in mine. There are always too many unnecessary things, and I don't understand why I do this. I always have a lot of bags, things, tea, coffee drips, thermos flasks - it's my weakness.

What do you pay attention to when choosing things? 

I always look at how a brand presents its item. Sometimes the presentations are very nice, and I fall for it, I buy it, and then it's like a pig in a poke. So, first and foremost, I choose based on appearance, and then for it to be comfortable for me. I understand what's trending now, what colors are in, and what I like.

What could you advise to yourself 15 years ago?

The first advice is to be braver.

If I had been more courageous and confident, perhaps I would have launched some projects earlier, maybe I would have changed something in Nova Poshta. Earlier, I used to worry about what people would say about me; but now, when I don't want to, I speak up about it; when I don't understand, I ask; when I believe it's necessary, I still push for it.

The second advice is running. I should have started running 15 years ago. Sport is the coolest thing!

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