The HURU brand was started in 2017. Actually it has appeared much earlier, but previously only in Oleg Vlasenko’s mind, a lead and CEO of HURU Backpacks. 

Those times Oleg has been planning his long trip around USA and the only item he was missing was a proper backpack. He had lots of items to carry daily during the trip.  Several backpacks were bought, but none of those was good enough to cover all his needs.

Some of them were spacious and had lots of pockets, but could barely sustain the everyday use and constantly torn. Another didn’t have a separate laptop compartment. Lots of them were good in a certain way, but none gave a freedom in use, that Oleg wanted to find…

And you know how it often happens, right?

Being pedantic with smart visual taste, Oleg decides to make his own backpack. He gathers a team of like-minded people, who had more than 20 years of experience in garment manufacturing and fashion design. Having received and tested the final prototype, he understands that it will be unfair to hide this product from people. 

A water-resistant, durable, comfortable, clean design… it appeared to be the one!

Oleg knew that it was his new mission. Apart from other businesses he leaded, he had to take over this project. And so, the HURU brand was born. 

In 2017 on Kickstarter with the very first H1 Model, HURU raised 3,5 times more than its initial goal. In 2018 and 2019 two new backpacks joined the HURU product line. 

It takes time to create each next product, but we do it on purpose. We can’t let the people down by doing all in a rush. 

HURU is not a mass market product. And HURU’s main focus is on quality. This commitment translates into quality checks throughout the entire production cycle and allows HURU to offer its customers a lifetime warranty, traced by each item’s unique serial number. We use only top-quality raw materials, even down to the branded craft-paper packaging. 

HURU Models are designed for people with active lifestyles. Whether you travel frequently, play sports, or practice photography, the HURU backpacks let you work or play from anywhere in the world!

Thousand of people are now the owners of HURU backpacks and this number continues to grow!

Once you try it, you will never stop using it! 😉




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