HURU Model S City Backpack Waterproof Unisex, 16l

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If you are passionate about your work, with a mad rhythm of life, a bunch of meetings, changing locations and activities, sports, travel-loving man or girl, the HURU backpack will become an indispensable assistant in your exciting life!

You can safely present the HURU backpack to your friend, because he knows how to pleasantly surprise and be useful.
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All products shown on the website are in stock. Customer will be notified ASAP if there is any delay in getting an order shipped.

HURU backpacks have a LIFETIME Warranty!

If any of our products ever fail as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, we’ll repair or replace them with a like item free of charge and ship it back to you.

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We’ll get back to you within a 2-3 business days with instructions on how to ship the product back to us.

▩    11,8’’ / 30 cm width;
▩    15,4’’ / 39 cm height;
▩    5,5 ‘’ / 14 cm depth;
▩    1,4 lbs / 0,65 kg weight;
▩    16 liters – volume;
▩    Clean city design
▩    3 different ways of carrying!
▩    Water-resistant feature
▩    9 colours – fits everybody’s mood & style
▩ Laptop pocket - Holds up to 13" laptop


HURU S Model has been designed to meet everybody’s needs in city life. It is lightweight, good looking, easy to carry and so fresh and stylish!

Check the dimensions and make sure;)

11,8’’ / 30cm width;
15,4’’ / 39cm height;
5,5 ‘’ / 14cm depth;
2 lbs / 0,9 kg weight;
16 liters – volume;


When designing our models, we are thinking over your well-being. That is why HURU S Model has a spine protection, to ease the carrying of heavy items in your backpack.

One more cool thing about the back of HURU S – is that we have added a special pocket for carrying our new HURU Messenger.


Due to HURU S Model’s water-resistant feature, weather conditions won’t threaten the dryness of your belongings.

CORDURA fabric — durable, versatile, reliable, water-repellent, trusted by the US Army.

HURU brand leather label.

Japanese YKK zippers, known for high quality and water resistance.

Stainless steel fittings make HURU look neat and tidy.

Durable nylon straps complete the materials list.


Main compartment of the Backpack is protected by the comfortable to use locking double-handle where the 13-inch laptop can be stored. 

Clean design of the Backpack reached by the edgeless sewing process. 

In addition to this, HURU S model has double materials on the stripes for the maximum strength of the Backpack.

HURU S Model opens like a suitcase, making the packing process fast and easy. Also, the backpacks main compartment has a sewn-in organizer to keep your goods in order, like tablets and notebooks.

You deserve Freedom. You deserve HURU

Absolutely new design of straps that allows you to carry backpack in several ways:

As a regular backpack

Hold the top hand to carry it as a bag

Lengthen one of the shoulder straps and wear it as a crossbody bag

Place on top of the luggage during your trips!



You can easily change the way you hold your backpack by releasing
or fold and button up the straps!


Japanese YKK zippers are known for high quality and water
resistance. They will never fail you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fit anything

This is not too casual so it fits both casual wears and cool suits.I can use it at any scene.


I ordered one from Japan in March and it arrived in July.
I was impressed with the message "Arigato for supporting Ukraine" in the box! ! Thank you, too.
It has many pockets and is very easy to use.
The fabric is also unique, and the dots glow when viewed from an angle. It became my favorite immediately.

Very recommendable

I really love this backpack, very well-made.
Although it looks small, I can put more things than I expected.
Also, it has many pockets and that helps it so convenient to use.
Its zippers are also wonderful and reliable.

Anne Lester
So excited to use this!

I ordered this for going back to school and I can’t wait to use it! It’s the perfect size for my MacBook Air and has soooo many pockets for pens, pencils, etc. The white color is beautiful and very clean. And I love knowing it’s from Ukraine!

Impressive bag

The bag seems to be very robustly built, from both a design and quality standpoint. I haven't had a chance to give it a full test drive out in the wild, but it really seems like it will last forever based on what I have found while inspecting/playing with it...I was so impressed with the product that I decided to put up review straight away. Also, I love the size- it will be the perfect weekend trip pack.