Anastasia Klipachenko

Women Futsal player of WFC “IMS” and National team of Ukraine 🇺🇦
Coach of little children

Why did you choose this particular sport, how did it all begin? 

Futsal is a lifelong love for me. I have been playing it for 20 years now, and I am happy that I have been in this sport since my childhood. Sports in general open up a broader perspective on the world. And the stereotypes that this is a male sport have long been challenged.



You teach children to play football, and what do they teach you? 

Oh, this is such a subtle and deep question for me. I will say this, I give so much love to the children I meet that love returns to me doubled. Many things have proven this in my life and in my heart.

How often do you travel and what kind of vacation do you prefer? 

Most of the time, I travel with the Ukrainian futsal team. Recently, we have travelled a lot to different countries. The most significant trip for me was when I played in the Kuwait Championship for 3 months and lived there. It was an interesting international experience.

I am in love with the Azores, and I also went there with the team. I love Spain and Portugal a lot. I want to visit France and Switzerland and some other islands (smiles).

What 3 items you always have in your backpack? 

A book, headphones, goodies.

What is the most important thing for you in a backpack? To what features do you pay attention? 

Comfort, how it looks definitely, quality, simple features and something distinctive about it