Where would you like to visit this year and why specifically there? 

The Galapagos. There’s the least amount of human toxicity on this preserved piece in the middle of the ocean.

What advice would you give to a person who is going on a trip around the world? 

Making up your mind and taking the first step is actually the most difficult thing.

And then, after you make the decision and after the first step, the road and the path will open up new opportunities for you.

Three items that you always have in your backpack? 

My passport, smartphone and credit card.

What are the main features of a backpack for you? 

A comfortable feel on the body, water- and shock-resistance, inside ergonomics.


You often travel on a yacht, what is the hardest thing about this mode of travel? 

The most difficult part is to switch from hard bulky suitcases to soft bags and backpacks for all luggage.


To what countries would you recommend to travel with a backpack only and why?

To all (smiles). The necessary things are, in fact, few. You can buy almost everything on your travels. Less luggage means more freedom.