Support your locals: how Ukrainian brands help the army

Support your locals: how Ukrainian brands help the army

No one was ready for war so when it started most of the local brands shifted their focus to good deeds that help our warriors.

HURU is not the exception. From the very beginning, we give our backpacks to those who need it and donate all the proceeds to the army. 

And we are not the only ones, so this digest about our colleagues who also joined the great case.

Syndicate Kyiv

The Syndicate guys started to gather the money resources for sewing 1100 base layer sets and reached the goal in less than a day. 

Then the brand team made all of them in 3 days and the volunteers delivered to all those in need. 

All the process took about a week, so they are continuing to fundraise and support our warriors. 



The brand made a capsule collection “we are from Ukraine” and donate 95% of proceeds to the army, the rest 5% - for supporting the team. 

By the way keepstyle’ city of origin is Kharkiv city which is one the most affected by the bombs. 


Dodosocks made a special collection “to the victory” with many designs and colors. 

All the proceeds from selling they donate to the army. 

Moreover, the brand launched the option “hanged socks” - you can pay for the socks and leave it in the store, then the team directs all of them to those who are in need.

Nebesite clothes

On February 24, 2022, the NEBESITE team stopped production of the spring collection and began to make bulletproof vests. In two weeks they managed to make 250 vests for our defenders and distribute them for free.



Kachorovska atelier 

Kachorovska atelier is the Ukrainian footwear, clothing & accessories brand since 1957, so during the war they do their best - sew combat boots.

The project involved 3 shoe brands (factories) from Ukraine and 2 factories - producers of raw materials.

More than 700 000 uah was fundraised. 588 pairs have already been sent across Ukraine, 748 pairs are still in operation. (sent to various military battalions and territorial defenses).


*cover image is a painting of a Ukrainian illustrator Sergiy Maidukov.

Proud of all of them!