HURU Model A Urban Expandable Backpack Waterproof Unisex, 30l

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If you are passionate about your work, with a mad rhythm of life, a bunch of meetings, changing locations and activities, sports, travel-loving man or girl, the HURU backpack will become an indispensable assistant in your exciting life!

You can safely present the HURU backpack to your friend, because he knows how to pleasantly surprise and be useful.
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All products shown on the website are in stock. Customer will be notified ASAP if there is any delay in getting an order shipped.

HURU backpacks have a LIFETIME Warranty!

If any of our products ever fail as a result of defects in materials or workmanship, we’ll repair or replace them with a like item free of charge and ship it back to you.

If you have a warranty claim, simply send us an email with the serial number of your backpack, few photos and a description of the problem to info@huru.rocks.

We’ll get back to you within a 2-3 business days with instructions on how to ship the product back to us.

▩    15,4’’ / 39 cm width;
▩    18,9’’ / 48 cm height;
▩    7,4 ‘’ / 19 cm depth;
▩    3.08 lbs/ 1.400 kg weight;
▩    1526 cu. in / 25 liters – volume without expansion;
▩    1830 cu. in / 30 liters – volume with expansion.
▩    Protected 15-inch laptop compartment
▩    2 Secret pockets
▩    Shoe storage compartments
▩    Water-resistance


HURU A Model backpack is traveler-friendly and compliant with both US and EU (TSA) carry-on luggage regulations.

The backpack has a special detachable strap included that allows you to easily and securely piggyback your HURU on a suitcase.

15,4’’ / 39 cm width;
18,9’’ / 48 cm height;
7,4 ‘’ / 19 cm depth;
3.08 lbs/ 1.400 kg weight;
1526 cu. in / 25 liters – volume without expansion;
1830 cu. in / 30 liters – volume with expansion.

By unzipping an inner bottom portion of the backpack, the main compartment expands from 25 to 30 liters in volume, providing you more space for your belongings. What is more, it expands at a 45-degree angle so that it doesn’t bother you while walking.


Due to HURU A Model’s water-resistant feature, weather conditions won’t threaten the dryness of your belongings.

CORDURA fabric — durable, versatile, reliable, water-repellent, trusted by the US Army.

Custom-designed buckles, made from anodized aluminium and brass.

Japanese YKK zippers, produced in Germany, known for high quality and water resistance.

Stainless steel stoppers and hooks make HURU look neat and tidy.

Durable nylon straps complete the materials list.

You deserve Freedom. You deserve HURU

In Swahili HURU means Freedom. Freedom to live, freedom to choose, freedom to express yourself. We make products that inspire people to create, explore and enjoy their lives. HURU brings unlimited joy and freedom to your daily life.


HURU A incorporates a durable plastic frame that spreads the weight of the contents, thereby decreasing the pressure on your spine.

This ergonomic frame has been created by leading orthopedists with your health and well-being in mind.


The built-in 15-inch laptop compartment is protected from third-party access by a locking double handle. Inside this compartment there is an additional pocket for a smaller laptop or tablet.

In addition, the bottom of this compartment is set a few inches higher than the bottom of the backpack, helping to ensure that your laptop will not be damaged even if the backpack is dropped.


HURU A also has both front and side compartments with vertical zippers.

These can be used to stowe 0.5 or 0.7 liter bottles or even shoes! while the backpack is in use.


There are two hidden compartments: a top-secret pocket inside the front left compartment and a hidden compartment on the back side of the backpack for your most valuable items (e.g., passport or documents).

This latter compartment is easily accessed when you take off the backpack but not visible to others when the backpack is on your shoulders!



Our own design, made from anodized aluminium and brass, with aesthetics, functionality, and YOU in mind.


Japanese YKK zippers, produced in Germany, are known for high quality
and water resistance. They will never fail you.


Our stainless steel stoppers and hooks make the backpack look
neat and tidy. Once you've found the perfect length for your straps,
they won't slip out of place, and they won’t dangle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great backpack

Really pleased with the backpack. I’ve never had one with so many useful pockets before. The design is very thoughtful and provides a lot of space without making the bag so big that it is cumbersome. It looks good too.

Дмитро Вотченко
Unprecedented quality

I've never seen this level of quality and attention to detail in a backpack. It absolutely exceeded my expectations: metallic furniture, sealed zippers, perfect positioning of different compartments, super sturdy cordura. For just under $330 I've got a backpack and a messenger bag. Delivery was swift and communications with a shop was efficient.
Looking forward to offering a couple of items for my wife!

Best backpack ever

This is the best backpack I've ever seen. It's a perfect mix of a backpack that you can use both for urban conditions and travel. There are pockets for everything. I'm so happy that I got it!

Valeriy K.
The best backpack I've owned so far!!

Based on my experience so far, I give the top grades in the following categories. (1) Practicality/utility: the bag's size and the availability of compartments is pretty much optimal. Whether it's an every day trip to work or a hike or a weekend trip, you don't need anything else. (2) Level of comfort: The bag is very convenient compared to many of its cousins. I do not have a need to shrug my shoulders or readjust it otherwise. Coupled with the strap or the waist belt bag for when you carry full load, same thing - it's easy on your shoulders and your back. It just works! (3) Style: No a lot can be said here, it's just AWESOMELY stylish. (4) Quality: 10/5. Meticulously designed and executed, from every zipper to the last seam.

Ruby Dollins

I love all the pockets and zippers coz everything you put in the compartment are secured especially my water bottles. And I have compartments for everything i need. I was impressed with the quality and the buckles made the statement. The size is perfect for my needs and I don't need to overpack as well. It has enough room to squeeze underneath the cabin seat when I travel. This is a special back pack that I would recommend for anyone who loves to travel.


I never treated backpacks as something special and unique, until I got this one. Heavy loads I applied to the backpack from the picture above hadn't left a scratch, no single zip weakend. And it's already nearly a year of constant trips across suffering but fiercely fighting back Ukraine! Highly recommend!