The heroes of our time (part I)
“Volunteers of culture” was founded by two friends, Dmytro and Sasha. In peace times, both worked in creative spheres. Now during the war, one must adapt, so now they help refugees and the armed forces of Ukraine. They distribute humanitarian...
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HURU became a member of Palianytsia
A PROJECT SUPPORTING UKRAINIAN FASHION BRANDS DURING WARTIME Ukrainian volunteers launched the project, which aims to help local fashion businesses. Since Russia invaded our country, most fashion brands temporarily stopped functioning. People are left with no jobs (and some with...
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5 reasons to buy HURU
If you are passionate about your work, with a mad rhythm of life, a bunch of meetings, changing locations and activities, sports, travel-loving man or girl, the HURU backpack will become an indispensable assistant in your exciting life! The reason...
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